For Every Room and Every Home

Solid State LED Lighting for Every Room, and Every Home.

Trend Lighting has been supplying lighting solutions to commercial and residential projects of the highest caliber since 1986. Now with a range of over 150 products there is bound to be a solution for every home and every room.

When lighting any room it is important to ensure that the luminaire selection fits your purpose. There are some wonderfully versatile products available but why stop there when you can layer your lighting. Light the room, then consider the actions taken in the space as well as the primary activity zones. For a lounge room, you could include lighting above your side tables or use adjustable downlights for feature spaces. In the kitchen, include pendant or surface lighting above an island benchtop and strip lighting under the cabinets. These pieces will highlight activity zones and add depth to the room. The possibilities are endless.

Choosing LED products for the home is easy with a great range of downlights, oysters, surface lights and pendants that are architecturally designed and tested for Australian applications, here are a few of our favourites.

These are often the multipurpose activity centers of the home so this means they need versatile lighting. Select from the range of dimmable Trend Lighting downlights offering low glare. In addition to the primary lighting, introduce down lights specifically for side tables or activity areas.

These are a few of our favourite lounge & living area lighting options

Try using suspended lighting above the dining table allowing it to become the centre piece. Using dimmable downlights in the surrounding area will let you control the ambient lighting as well as set the mood in the room.

Here are a few example lighting options for dining rooms

The heart of the home is quickly becoming the focal point, especially in Australia’s modern open plan layouts popular in homes today. Good quality lighting above the breakfast bar or island benchtops will make your food look fantastic. Coupled with strip lighting under the cupboards not only will the space look amazing, it becomes far more usable.

These are a few of our kitchen lighting favourites

Dimmable lighting in the bedroom is a must. This will help you wind down and allow your body to release serotonin leading to a better sleep and you will feel more refreshed in the morning. Compliment that with a night light or a pin point light for desktops or artworks for a hotel like appearance.

Here are some bedroom luminaire examples

In the bathroom, consider luminaires with a good IP rating. Being a wet area, the steam and condensation means a lot more water interacts with the light than in other spaces. Here are a few to consider in your next install.

These are a few of our favourite bathroom luminaires

Ensuring safe access for both internal and external stair cases doesn’t have to mean flooding the area with light. Trend lighting has stylish luminaires to compliment your staircase as well as make it safer. You could also get creative with our selection of strip lighting.

Here are some examples of lighting for staircases