Midiled XDM30

Recessed LED downlight consisting of a single 30W Japanese made LED. Sealed face with silicone gasket for added ingress protection. High colour rendering index (CRI) of 90+ and high COB lumen outputs of 3135Lm (3000K), 3270Lm (4000K) and 3305Lm (5000K). Anodized black heatsink provides effective thermal management ensuring high output and long lifespan of 50,000 hrs.

• Available in Wide and Narrow beam angles.

LED Rated Power

30 W

Rated LED Power
System Power

31.6 W

Total Power Consumption

3270 lm

COB Lumens at 4000K
Colour Rendering


minimum CRI of 90


Input Voltage 240V
System Power 31.6W
Led Power 30 W
COB Lumens 3270 lm
Colour Rendering 90+
IP Rating IP44
Cut-Out 120mm
Tilt-Angle 40°
Weight 1200g
XDM30 Diagram
Colour Options

Order Codes

Filter Product Codes
Colour Temperature
Beam Angle
Colour Rendering
Order Code CCT Trim Colour Lumens Beam Angle CRI
Midiled XDM303-MB-B 3000K Black 3135Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM303-MB-S 3000K Silver 3135Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM303-MB-W 3000K White 3135Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM303-WB-B 3000K Black 3135Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM303-WB-S 3000K Silver 3135Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM303-WB-W 3000K White 3135Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM304-MB-B 4000K Black 3270Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM304-MB-S 4000K Silver 3270Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM304-MB-W 4000K White 3270Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM304-WB-B 4000K Black 3270Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM304-WB-S 4000K Silver 3270Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM304-WB-W 4000K White 3270Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM305-MB-B 5000K Black 3305Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM305-MB-S 5000K Silver 3305Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM305-MB-W 5000K White 3305Lm Medium 90
Midiled XDM305-WB-B 5000K Black 3305Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM305-WB-S 5000K Silver 3305Lm Wide 90
Midiled XDM305-WB-W 5000K White 3305Lm Wide 90
XDM303V-MB-B 3000K Black 2910Lm Medium VIVID
XDM303V-MB-W 3000K White 2910Lm Medium VIVID
XDM303V-NB-B 3000K Black 2910Lm Narrow VIVID
XDM303V-NB-W 3000K White 2910Lm Narrow VIVID
XDM303V-WB-B 3000K Black 2910Lm Wide VIVID
XDM303V-WB-W 3000K White 2910Lm Wide VIVID
XDM304V-MB-B 4000K Black 3080Lm Medium VIVID
XDM304V-MB-W 4000K White 3080Lm Medium VIVID
XDM304V-NB-B 4000K Black 3080Lm Narrow VIVID
XDM304V-NB-W 4000K White 3080Lm Narrow VIVID
XDM304V-WB-B 4000K Black 3080Lm Wide VIVID
XDM304V-WB-W 4000K White 3080Lm Wide VIVID