Health and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of patients, staff and visitors is a top priority for the healthcare industry, and lighting plays an important role in providing comfort and safety. Quality and appropriate lighting contributes to a patient’s recovery and healing, and is vital for diagnostics. Staff areas such as reception and admin areas equally benefit from being well lit as good lighting helps improve working conditions, productivity and staff retention.

The healTrend Lighting produce luminaires with the best light quality and efficacy for healthcare. Our team of lighting experts are ready to assist you with your next healthcare project, from product selection to lighting design. Contact us today to discuss your project with us.

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The benefits of Trend Lighting LED Luminaires for the Healthcare Industry

  • Assists Diagnostics
  • Supports Healing
  • Provides Comfort
  • Supports Safety
  • Improves Visability
  • Decreases Eyestrain
  • Increases Productivity
  • Improves Alertness
  • Boosts Staff Retention
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Long Operating Life
  • Provides Cost Savings


One aspect of clinical observation is the detection of cyanosis, which occurs when oxygen levels in the blood are dangerously depleted. It is indicated by a blueish discolouration in the skin. It is important for medical staff to be able to reliably detect the onset of cyanosis by visual observation and this can only be achieved with medical grade, COI compliant lighting.


Trend Lighting has brought to market a new anti-ligature LED light fitting, which works effectively in high-risk patient rooms, hallways, common rooms and bathrooms. Designed to help keep patients, staff and visitors safe this light fixture comes in a range of colour temperatures and wattages.


Trend Lighting offers a range of LED lights that are suitable for many spaces and uses for healthcare, such as patient rooms, reception, admin areas, car parks, waiting rooms, hospital food courts and stores.

The Trend Lighting Difference

For over 30 years, Trend Lighting has been partnering with Japanese LED providers and leading global suppliers in designing and creating innovative products and intelligent lighting solutions. Our team continually strives to provide clients with professional service coupled with product innovation. With our head office in Sydney, and state offices in QLD and VIC, we are well placed to look after your next lighting project.

Our wide portfolio of LED luminaires is designed in Australia to meet local lighting needs. We are not just suppliers, we proudly design & manufacture our products.

We have a team of lighting designers to assist with lighting projects. Our designers can help you meet your project brief and save you money.

Our customer service team is here for your pre-sale and post-sale enquires. We are proud to offer you on-going support and reliable advice.

Our range of LED lights are high performing and dependable, with a 5 year warranty. We proudly stand behind our products.

With our warehouse located in the heart of Sydney, we are well equipped to deliver within short lead times because we know how important that is to you.

We are committed to keeping our products competitively priced for our customers because we understand the importance of value.