Trend For Trade

Trend Lighting has been operating since 1986 and has grown from humble beginnings to be a wholly Australian owned lighting company dedicated to delivering high quality luminaires in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial segments.

Trend Lighting is thrilled to announce the launch of our latest product line, exclusive to wholesalers, Trend For Trade.

Trend for Trade represents the culmination of years of feedback from wholesalers and installers to create an exclusive line of products that bring Quality, Value and Performance to wholesale outlets around the country.

"Wholesalers and installers alike have said they simply want a dependable and cost effective product. It's also what their clients want and that's exactly what Trend For Trade delivers." Kerry Kattos - Trend Lighting National Sales Manager

The Trend For Trade range will launch in January with the Triled PL1201 and PL0606 Panels. The Panels are the perfect choice for commercial applications where Quality, Value and Performance are front of mind.

The Triled panels are Colour Switchable between Warm White, Cool White and Daylight colour temperatures. The addition of a Micro Prismatic Diffuser means clients can achieve comfortable, low glare lighting at 3000k, 4000k or 5700k, without sacrificing light output.

Both panels also feature 33 watt system power and 80+ CRI. This is ideal for work spaces that require balanced light and visual comfort.

The Trend For Trade Triled PL1201 (1200x300mm) and Triled PL0606 (600x600mm) Panels feature sleek modern extruded frames. They are supplied ready-to-fit to T-Bar ceilings and offer versatility with accessories also available for suspended or surface mounted installations.

This is just the beginning for Trend For Trade and Trend Lighting will be adding to the range over the course of the coming year. All Trend for Trade products will deliver Quality, Value, and performance that Trend Lighting is known for.

Trend For Trade will be available from January 2021 exclusively through selected wholesale outlets.

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