VIVID Colour Technology

Introducing state of the art CITIZEN VIVID COB Technology In addition to increased colour rendering, VIVD technology offers increased chromaticity specifically designed for increasing the saturation of colours, making them appear brighter and bolder. The new VIVID colour technology is able to represent colour with high saturation showing a much finer colour gradiation than conventional light sources.

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Typically, when evaluating LED's for their colour rendering abilities they are measured against up to 15 colour swatches. However, when calculating the CRI of the light source, only the first 8 of the 15 swatches are taken into consideration, the remaining 7 swatches don't form part of the final measuring criteria for CRI. This leaves out some important colour swatches such as R9 - the only vibrant red swatch, as well as R13 and R15 which are used to represent skin tones. The omission of these colour swatches can lead to light sources being given high CRI values without having high colour rendering performance across the entire 15 swatches.

Original Image R1 - R8 Colour Swatches included in CRI calculations
Original Image R9-15 Colour Swatches omitted from CRI calculations

To improve colour saturation across a wider variety of colours, the VIVID range of LED's have adopted the CQS colour system. The CQS system was designed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and uses a wider variety of colour swatches. The CQS colour system places greater emphasis on the reproduction of a greater range of colours, specifically in the Red and Orange spectrum, this is an area that was overlooked in the CRI colour system.

Original Image Colour swatches used in CQS calculations

As a result of adopting the CQS colour system, the vivid range of LED's have been developed to demonstrate a superior colour saturation across the entire colour spectrum. When evaluated using the traditional CRI system, the VIVID range performs favorably.

Original Image Colour saturation comparison between 90CRI & Vivid

Vivid represents the latest generation in colour technology, it enables lighting to enhance colours beyond the capabilities of traditional high CRI technology.

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