Miniled XDJ10

10 Watt LED downlight consisting of a single Japanese made LED chip in 3000K, 4000K or 5000K colour temperature options. All colour temperatures have a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 90 and high COB lumen outputs of 1335Lm (3000K), 1390Lm (4000K) and 1410Lm (5000K). Large passive heatsink provides effective thermal management ensuring high output and long lifespan.

LED Rated Power

10 W

Rated LED Power
System Power

13.5 W

Total Power Consumption

1390 lm

COB Lumens at 4000K
Colour Rendering


minimum CRI of 90


Input Voltage 240V
System Power 13.5W
Led Power 10 W
COB Lumens 1390 lm
Colour Rendering 90+
IP Rating IP20
Cut-Out 70mm
Weight 450g
Colour Options


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Order Codes

Filter Product Codes
Colour Temperature
Beam Angle
Colour Rendering
Order Code CCT Trim Colour Lumens Beam Angle CRI
XDJ103-MB-B 3000K Black 1335Lm Medium 90
XDJ103-MB-S 3000K Silver 1335Lm Medium 90
XDJ103-MB-W 3000K White 1335Lm Medium 90
XDJ103-NB-B 3000K Black 1335Lm Narrow 90
XDJ103-NB-S 3000K Silver 1335Lm Narrow 90
XDJ103-NB-W 3000K White 1335Lm Narrow 90
XDJ103-WB-B 3000K Black 1335Lm Wide 90
XDJ103-WB-S 3000K Silver 1335Lm Wide 90
XDJ103-WB-W 3000K White 1335Lm Wide 90
XDJ104-MB-B 4000K Black 1390Lm Medium 90
XDJ104-MB-S 4000K Silver 1390Lm Medium 90
XDJ104-MB-W 4000K White 1390Lm Medium 90
XDJ104-NB-B 4000K Black 1390Lm Narrow 90
XDJ104-NB-S 4000K Silver 1390Lm Narrow 90
XDJ104-NB-W 4000K White 1390Lm Narrow 90
XDJ104-WB-B 4000K Black 1390Lm Wide 90
XDJ104-WB-S 4000K Silver 1390Lm Wide 90
XDJ104-WB-W 4000K White 1390Lm Wide 90
XDJ105-MB-B 5000K Black 1410Lm Medium 90
XDJ105-MB-S 5000K Silver 1410Lm Medium 90
XDJ105-MB-W 5000K White 1410Lm Medium 90
XDJ105-NB-B 5000K Black 1410Lm Narrow 90
XDJ105-NB-S 5000K Silver 1410Lm Narrow 90
XDJ105-NB-W 5000K White 1410Lm Narrow 90
XDJ105-WB-B 5000K Black 1410Lm Wide 90
XDJ105-WB-S 5000K Silver 1410Lm Wide 90
XDJ105-WB-W 5000K White 1410Lm Wide 90