ELMO Commercial

A vibrant workplace that offering a community feel with lighting to match! ICEC Group brings the design to life - Project Spotlight.

AXIOM Workplaces was presented a unique design brief to maintain a "community feel" in the town hall space that was inviting with a sense of connection to the ELMO HQ floor.

ICEC Group has been a significant electrical contractor in the Sydney space since 2011. Being familiar with Trend Lighting's product offering they were first in line to ensure a high quality installation at the AXIOM Workplaces designed project for ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll.

Using a selection of Trend luminaires across the communal spaces and meeting rooms, a familiar but fresh look was achieved. Slot ZDA123 linear luminaires were employed in various configurations mixing direct and indirect lighting and the breakout was illuminated with custom Trend suspended linear LEDs. By lighting the exposed concrete ceiling with an up light, the community feel is accentuated by a greater sense of space.

Location: Sydney, NSW
Designer: AXIOM
Engineer: AXIOM
Electrical Contractor: ICEC Group