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Game-changing drivers

Discover the future of illumination - unveiling our new driver technology

Game Changing Drivers

Enjoy worry-free operation for 100,000 hours with our redundancy driver. Alternatively, unlock personalised control and monitoring for each individual light with Syncromesh.

Redundancy Driver

LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan compared to ECGs (Electronic Control Gear), which typically limit the overall system longevity. Our redundancy driver concept is designed to anticipate driver failure rather than just considering it a potential issue.
Power is supplied to the primary LED driver through an internal relay, activated by the output of the primary driver. Our seamless redundancy system automatically switches to a separate integrated backup driver if the primary driver fails, providing continuous operation. An external indicator provides visual confirmation when this transition occurs, signalling the activation of the backup driver.
Additionally, our redundancy driver also includes automatic power or self-check features and maintains capacitor activity in the backup driver to ensure optimal condition even in standby mode.
Benefit from worry-free operation for 100,000 hours with our solution, offering maintenance-free reliability and a compelling value proposition for any commercial lighting project.

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Syncromesh Driver

By seamlessly integrating Syncromesh into our drivers, we've revolutionised the way lighting systems are installed and managed. The benefits are manifold: retrofitting DALI lighting control systems into existing buildings becomes a breeze, requiring minimal disruption to tenants and eliminating the need for running DALI cables.
Moreover, adjusting lighting control configurations post-installation is effortless, with little labour impact. Syncromesh also opens new possibilities by enabling the installation of DALI luminaires and sensors in previously inaccessible locations, eliminating the need for DALI control cables, conduit, and associated labour.
Perhaps most importantly, the process is streamlined: third-party automation programmers install the Syncromesh wireless gateway, install Syncromesh-compatible Trend fittings on-site, and wirelessly program for personalised control and monitoring for each individual light.
With Syncromesh, the future of lighting control is here.

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Trend Lighting are a valued supplier of Sheridan, consistently delivering a premium full-service experience from concept design to installation with products of the highest quality. What we appreciate most about working with their team is that nothing is ever too much trouble. They continually go above and beyond to provide the best lighting solutions for our stores.

Joel Newham - Head of VM and Store Development Hanes Australasia - Sheridan Group

From the service, products, and reliability we have been nothing but happy since using Trend. The team have consistently gone above and beyond ensuring we turn around orders in tight deadlines, always making it happen.

Alexandra Klapos - Retail Project Coordinator - Billini

We are extremely happy with the work done by Trend Lighting. The lights chosen are stylish and blend well with our office whilst providing an excellent environment for our team to view fabrics and sample products.


The lighting design provided by Trend completely transformed the space and was continuously complimented by our clients from the first day we had them up. We look forward to working with Trend for our future projects.

Ben Bottalico - Blue Group Projects
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