Miniled XDA10

10 Watt LED downlight featuring a single COB LED design available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K colour temperature options in 90+ CRI or 2700K, 3000K and 4000K VIVID options. The Miniled range is supplied with remote driver.

Recommended Dimmer: Diginet LEDsmartâ„¢ Adaptive Phase Dimmer
LED Rated Power

10 W

Rated LED Power
System Power

11.7 W

Total Power Consumption

1390 lm

COB Lumens at 4000K
Colour Rendering


minimum CRI of 90


Input Voltage 240V
System Power 11.7W
Led Power 10 W
COB Lumens 1390 lm
Colour Rendering 90+
IP Rating IP20
Cut-Out 76mm
Tilt-Angle 15°
Weight 245g
XDA10 Diagram
Colour Options


Light Features

Order Codes

Filter Product Codes
Colour Temperature
Beam Angle
Colour Rendering
Order Code CCT Trim Colour Lumens Beam Angle CRI
Miniled XDA102.7-MB-B 2700K Black 1300Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA102.7-MB-S 2700K Silver 1300Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA102.7-MB-W 2700K White 1300Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA102.7-NB-B 2700K Black 1300Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA102.7-NB-S 2700K Silver 1300Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA102.7-NB-W 2700K White 1300Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA102.7-WB-B 2700K Black 1300Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA102.7-WB-S 2700K Silver 1300Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA102.7-WB-W 2700K White 1300Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA103-MB-B 3000K Black 1335Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA103-MB-S 3000K Silver 1335Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA103-MB-W 3000K White 1335Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA103-NB-B 3000K Black 1335Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA103-NB-S 3000K Silver 1335Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA103-NB-W 3000K White 1335Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA103-WB-B 3000K Black 1335Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA103-WB-S 3000K Silver 1335Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA103-WB-W 3000K White 1335Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA104-MB-B 4000K Black 1390Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA104-MB-S 4000K Silver 1390Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA104-MB-W 4000K White 1390Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA104-NB-B 4000K Black 1390Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA104-NB-S 4000K Silver 1390Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA104-NB-W 4000K White 1390Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA104-WB-B 4000K Black 1390Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA104-WB-S 4000K Silver 1390Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA104-WB-W 4000K White 1390Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA105-MB-B 5000K Black 1410Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA105-MB-S 5000K Silver 1410Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA105-MB-W 5000K White 1410Lm Medium 90
Miniled XDA105-NB-B 5000K Black 1410Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA105-NB-S 5000K Silver 1410Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA105-NB-W 5000K White 1410Lm Narrow 90
Miniled XDA105-WB-B 5000K Black 1410Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA105-WB-S 5000K Silver 1410Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA105-WB-W 5000K White 1410Lm Wide 90
Miniled XDA102.7V-MB-B 2700K Black 1080Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-MB-S 2700K Silver 1080Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-MB-W 2700K White 1080Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-NB-B 2700K Black 1080Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-NB-S 2700K Silver 1080Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-NB-W 2700K White 1080Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-WB-B 2700K Black 1080Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-WB-S 2700K Silver 1080Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA102.7V-WB-W 2700K White 1080Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-MB-B 3000K Black 1120Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-MB-S 3000K Silver 1120Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-MB-W 3000K White 1120Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-NB-B 3000K Black 1120Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-NB-S 3000K Silver 1120Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-NB-W 3000K White 1120Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-WB-B 3000K Black 1120Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-WB-S 3000K Silver 1120Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA103V-WB-W 3000K White 1120Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-MB-B 4000K Black 1150Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-MB-S 4000K Silver 1150Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-MB-W 4000K White 1150Lm Medium VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-NB-B 4000K Black 1150Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-NB-S 4000K Silver 1150Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-NB-W 4000K White 1150Lm Narrow VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-WB-B 4000K Black 1150Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-WB-S 4000K Silver 1150Lm Wide VIVID
Miniled XDA104V-WB-W 4000K White 1150Lm Wide VIVID