Lighting this contemporary space where the professional work takes center stage requires a lot of know-how and a little bit of colour temperature magic. See how Trend lighting luminaires were used in this months Project Spotlight.

5000BC is a new barber shop, tucked away just a stone's throw from the party end of Sydney's King Street. Jimmy and Tay have realised their vision for their barbershop bringing together 30 years of experience. The aim was to create a contemporary space with a clean aesthetic, allowing professional work to be the center stage.

The configuration of the interior may at first seem fairly typical of modern retail but upon closer inspection the creative use of colour temperature, although subtle, becomes aparent.

The evenly lit store receives ambient illumination from the ZDA123 linears with 4000K luminaires in a seamless zigzag arrangement. This lighting layout provides a soft wide spread of light throughout the space while at the same time being a statement piece that breaks from social norms.

Task lighting illuminating the primary work area is provided by Trend Lighting XTB26 Track Spot lights in 4000K CCT. Jimmy and Tay can ensure that clients will have their full attention with no distracting dark hotspots. This is further helped by the exceptional light quality offered by the 90+ CRI luminaires. This means that colour is rendered faithfully so hair styling can be seen in its best light.

A little bit of colour temperature magic comes by way of the warmer 3000K CCT of the Trend Flexilex Strip light around the mirrors and on the work counter where Customers see their warm toned reflection that elevates the customer experience.

The final touches of light can be seen on the back wall cabinetry, with a single track spot providing a wash of light across the matte black finished doors while a concealed 4000K strip light illuminates the hideaway kitchenette.

All of this comes together to create a modern and sharp barbershop that ensures each client feels acknowledged, valued and comfortable through personal connection.

"I cannot thank Nicholas Spyrakis enough for the recommendation on lighting. His knowledge on the aesthetic we were going for where uncanny. Also very professional and efficient" Jimmy De Jesus - Director
Location: Sydney, NSW
Building and Electrical: Modus Projects
Joinery: Basham Up Building and Design
Interior Design: Jimmy De Jesus & Tay Basham