oOh!media is changing the face of the Out of Home advertising industry in Australia. Their extensive network of over 35,000 locations around Australia means their network is truly "unmissable!". As experts in Out of Home advertising, oOh!media shifted their attention inward when updating their North Sydney based head office. Interior design was conducted by IA Design together with FDC Constructions, DBS Consulting was engaged for the refresh and is no stranger to using Trend Lighting with installation completed by LCS Electrical.

oOh!media's primary branding colour was a clear influence in the design, used sparingly through the main foyer with a focus on bold colour blocking surrounding the staircases. The surrounding furniture through the space varies between an orange and complimentary bronze palette. Comfortable lighting with great colour rendering capabilities was required to ensure great brand appeal. We recommended Trend Lighting's Platinum luminaires for that very reason and they were used in various locations in 3000 K and 4000 K configurations and offer 94+ CRI.

Corridors and traffic areas in the office were differentiated by the use of our TRA3C Track system. In this case it was fitted with our popular 'Can' style luminaires, the XTB range in 10w with DALI control drivers. The lighting creates a bright balance to the natural light throughout the building, bridging the work environment and outdoors with high performing luminaires worthy of such a magnificent view.

Location: Sydney, NSW
Designer: IA Design Australia
Engineer: DBS Consulting
Electrical Contractor: LCS Electrical
Builder: FDC Construction